A Violet and Two Gentlemen

It's live!!!! My most recent book is live and ready to be devoured on Amazon! God, I am soooooooo excited and nervous and ...happy!!! Isn't it pretty?! You can find it here >>http://hyperurl.co/j21xcv

Spring in my garden

Spring is here, finally!!!!
And the blue-eyed boy is highly enjoying it. Have a lovely spring!!!!
Isn't Mirella enchanting?

Momma's got a big boy

Yesterday, we celebrated my baby boy reaching the impressing age of 1 year old. I can't believe how fast time goes by. He is walking almost independently, he still needs to reach and grab hold of things around to regain his balance, but we are quite content with the way he has evolved so far. Needless to say that we are beyond ourselves over him, I had no idea, honestly, we could adore him so much. I miss being pregnant so much and, I even discussed this issue with the hubs hinting how much I'd love to have another baby. But he is quite determined to say no on this one.
As a joke, he even threatened me he would chop "it" up :))). His serious concern is related to his age, other than that, he would be thrilled too, to have another child. Anyway, Albert is the light of our lives and yesterday we made sure to mark the event in a very special way with our best friends and family and ...cakeeeee. Happy birthday, my love!!!

Sleeping Mommy

Mommy can get no sleep. It's been nine months and 13 days since I haven't been blessed with more than a 2 hour uninterrupted sleep...Maybe 3. On a very lucky day. He is generally a good kid, but when, oh, dear Lord, when it comes to sleeping, he becomes a little tyrant. It's like, he has an aversion to sleeping, he cries and kicks and screams, pulls your hair, scratches your face, practically fights you with all his strength just to escape sleeping.
We've tried so many tricks...Both me and my husband, we've become experts in singing baby songs, on various tones. sometimes loud and cheery, sometimes like a soft whisper. Most of the times it takes us at least 40 minutes to make him sleep, my back is aching, my arms turn numb, not to mention, if it's after midnight, I can barely keep my eyes open. Yes, it's hard. And I have no close relative available to help me. It's hard. Yet, in spite of it all, I find the most sublime joy in every minute of it. I must confess, I was never aware that I could love like this.

Baby, baby, baby....

It's been so long since I last posted, and I am so sorry about that. Blogging makes me feel closer to the world and I have honestly missed it. We've gone a long way since our last post in May, when my baby boy Albert, was three months old. Between thousands of poopy diapers, boogies, drool and soooo many sleepless nights, I've reached a point into this astonishing experience called motherhood, when I simply cannot recognize myself anymore. I have an endless amount of patience, I love all babies and toddlers, even those bratty, annoying ones kicking and screaming in the supermarkets, I can sing for hours and more if the baby needs to be put to sleep, and, as a general idea, I have become another woman.
I have no more spare time. Sometimes I don't shave my legs, but what am I talking about? Grooming myself has become a luxury. I barely find a moment to pee. He has no mercy, really. I have to feed him with my legs crossed.
In a few days he'll be 9 months old and we are very thrilled that he has already decided to get up and stand on his two little feet. he's been doing that for a few weeks now and he is also calling me "Mmmma-mmma" which has finally made me pee my pants.
In conclusion, I have never thought I could ever love someone so much and so completely....Someone said once that, being a mom is like living your whole life with your heart beating outside your body....and oh God, so much truth in that. Sending hugs to all my blogging friends, love you guys so much. Thank you for reading me.

Sweet baby, your name is love

Allow me to introduce you to my love, baby Albert. He is two months and a half and he has completely changed my life. I love love love being a mom and I hope I am a good one. The beginning was hard, I had a hard time turning into mom mode, every time he'd cry, it would be a torment for me because I had no idea how to calm him. But it came to me...eventually and it came most naturally. In spite of all the advice received (most people tend to overwhelm young moms with questionable advice that usually does more harm than good), I decided to follow my maternal instinct. And, thank God, so far we're ok.
This is Albert, after his baptism, wearing his special costume for the event. Kissessssssssss


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