KFC and the stolen recipe

I am not a fervent meat consumer, I indulge myself a lot more often in vegetable feasts that, unfortunately, don't seem to raise anyone else's interest but mine. For instance, I am crazy about sautee mushrooms (in olive oil with chives, bit of garlic, pepper) with melted cheese on top. Or another example of a meal that very few seem to appreciate, is the potato stew (boiled potatoes with sautee chives, tomatoes and a lot of dill).
But even I can't say no to KFC's spicy chicken. I know it's greasy, it's totally unhealthy but we love it. And because it's quite expensive, I thought I would try to steal the original KFC recipe. So after diligent research on the Internet, I started by marinating the chicken stripes in milk, oil, tomato paste, chilly powder, garlic sauce, oregano and dried parsley and put it in the fridge (in sealed container) for the night. And because after numerous other online investigations, I couldn't find too much that I hadn't already suspected , I decided to follow my culinary instinct. I should mention that before doing all the frying, I half boiled all the chicken. This is a very important detail. Then I prepared a Bechamel sauce with some eggs, a bit of milk, flour, salt, sugar, pepper and then I arranged the second coating for the chicken with a mix of cornflakes, crumbs and sesame seeds. So I coated each boiled piece of chicken first in the Bechamel sauce and then I rolled it on the crispy bed of cornflakes, then finally in the hot fryer. This sweet and spicy chicken goes deliciously well with chilly sauce, which I make myself using some sweet tomato paste, chilly powder, some sugar, salt and a bit of balsamic vinegar. Yammy yam..Not bad for a KFC hoax, I dare say...:)

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Christopher Grant said...

I'm definitely going to try this next weekend!

Divya Pramil said...

I Love KFC chicken too.. so I too tried out this recipe in a simple way..Yours looks more yummier than mine with lots of spices added to it..



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